Proudly presenting CFS, our easy-to-use Android app.

Being in charge of the process of stripping and stuffing of containers and trailers (RORO) in your terminal requires your constant attention. We know. We’ve been there ourselves, working in Logistics. That’s why we have developed an easy-to-use Android app that will provide you with real-time insight in the process. It’s called CFS (Container Freight Station) and it runs on our CENTER TOS system, which is a dynamic alternative for multipurpose and dedicated container terminals. 

Real-time insight and continuous monitoring
So how does CFS work? In our ERP system you will find an overview of containers that need to be stripped or stuffed. This overview offers you real-time insight into what is going on in the terminal, based on real-time data. It also includes a service that continuously monitors the data, and an application programming interface (API) that sends any mutations straight to the app. If you don’t need an overview of all containers, but just a selection, we can also arrange that for you.

The screenshots below are examples of the Stripping overview. The Stuffing overview is similar. In fact, they are screenshots of what these overviews will look like in CENTER Next, our new ERP GUI which is cloud-based and designed with the Thinkwise low-code platform. Next month we will tell you all about CENTER Next.

When the person who is in charge of the overview has put the containers in place, this photo will pop up in the app:

You can easily see which containers need to be stripped (at all locations), and if one of your colleagues is already there to start the stripping process. “Authorized” means that the container has been approved for stripping and that nobody has started yet. “Start stripping” and “Active stripping” mean that the container has already been opened and a colleague is currently stripping it.

Under “Start stripping” you will find several options:

  • General information about a container
  • Delete seals (abort when the container is being opened)
  • Add damages
  • Add remarks
  • Add photos

Once the container has been emptied, you can move on to Active stripping.

Active stripping
Under “Active stripping” you will find almost identical options, but you can add seals when the container is being closed.

It's that easy. For more information about CFS, please contact us. 
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