NEW TOS, Terminal Operating System CENTER SUITE

Introducing IT PARTNER BV ‘CENTER SOFTWARE SUITE for CONTAINER TERMINAL OPERATION”, Packed with Innovative New Features and Enhancements to optimize your container terminal operations. The new Software Suite is the new solution for Deepsea, Shortsea and inland container terminal operations. Supporting real time data and order control, flexible EDI integration, Local customs support, graphical yard planning and vessel planning, Business intelligence, APP’s for equipment operations and many more….

Center suite has five powerful software products bundled in a ground-breaking software suite. All software products work flawlessly together and can also be used separately. The Center Suite is easy to integrate with existing IT solutions within your organization. With the software solution of Center Suite the user can real live follow his operation in various ways and intervene in advance where necessary. IT Partner offers the possibility to monitor multiple terminals at the same time.


Port Exhibition Rotterdam 2017 CENTER Suite modules Haven logistieke software ERP TOS APPS Business Intelligence Customer Portal

Center ERP gives you complete control over your terminal with maximum productivity, minimal costs and optimum flexibility. Center ERP (TOS) system has basic elements that is specially designed to facilitate a multi cargo environment. Center ERP (TOS) Features: Job Control, Yard Control, Simulators, billing and invoicing, Reporting, IAS, Data exchange, GOS integration, Customs, Data center, Object call planning, Accounts and contracts, waiting files, logging, flexlist, Basic Data, User management, Multi administration and many more.

Center Masterplan is a powerful software product for the visualization of terminal yard planning, vessel planning, quay planning and move control. Our Masterplan product is something that provides functions to manage the yard, plan a vessel, monitor movements and visualize the waterside. Center Masterplan seamless integrates with our Center ERP (TOS), and can also be used stand alone.

Center Client Portal a user-friendly customer service portal that is linked to your Terminal Operating System (TOS). To give online access to your customers and others, we provide a flexible web portal that can manage external input such as bookings and pre-announcements. Center Client Portal is responsive and can be used on PC, tablet and smartphones. We also can provide an app that can be installed from the app stores. Your customers can manage their own users within their own company profile, which reduces user management on your side. The web portal can be fully designed using your company style, fonts and colours, where it has your identity to the outside world. As an additional service, we can design your normal company website. Examples of features: Enter and manage bookings, Container data and status inquiry, Enter and manage pre-announcements and releases, Vessel schedules

Center Apps is a mobile solution for all your port logistics activities. App are used to perform the actual operation and provide in information to your operational staff. Examples of features within the apps: Container inquiry, Reefer control (plugin, monitoring, check), Checker functions at inspection, discharge and loading, Vessel arrival and departure, manage blocking of containers, Equipment dirver support (instruction for movement and confirmation).

Center Intelligence convert data into information. This allows you to make effective and efficient decisions. Although traditional reports are still used, organizations are implementing business intelligence (BI) solutions for KPI, dashboards and analytical data. An ERP is a very important source for BI. We provide Center Intelligence services to fully setup your BI needs with Power BI from Microsoft and or we can assist your organization when use have your own BI platform. If you want to integrate multiple systems into a single BI solution, for example with a data warehouse, we can offer these services with a partner that is specialized in this area. With BI you can have insights in: Operations performance, Cargo throughput from many different angles, Integrate global data from internet (weather, trends, geo data), Analyse disturbances, Link operational to financial data.



As you can read CENTER Suite is the new Terminal Operation System. From now on you can manage your terminal operation in one software solution. Are you interested in the options from Center suite for your company? Our sales manager Vincent would happily answer them for you.