Freight Forwarding, Agencies and Warehousing

With one system from A to B

Quickly, precisely and profitable from A to B. That is what the logistics sector is all about. IT Partner’s reliable software system can handle all of your logistical challenges.

Why you should choose IT Partner:

In all these years that IT Partner and Honkoop Barging have been working together, IT Partner has proven to be reliable, flexible and trustworthy. No wonder we are still their customer after more than 13 years.
Henri Honkoop,
founder and owner of Honkoop Barging in Rotterdam

Freight Forwarding

Managing shipments from A to B with one system. It’s possible with IT Partner’s software framework.

In Freight Forwarding complete and correct administrative handling is essential. It assures a Freight Forwarder of the most efficient way of shipping. For drawing up the House BL and for contact with agents, terminals and customs you need complete documentation. IT Partner’s system ensures you have the right documentation whenever you need it. Our results-oriented software framework gives you a clear overview at any time and provides insight into your costs and benefits.

Shipping Agent

A Shipping Agent has a thousand and one responsibilities. Take away his worries with decent software.

A Shipping Agent represents the organisation that carries out the transport. He is also responsible for managing the documentation flow. With IT Partner’s system a Shipping Agent is assured of a clear overview of all bookings and insight into costs and benefits. It guarantees quick communication with terminals. Connecting with external software systems (port, customs and terminal systems) is possible.

Warehouse Management

Taking goods or delivering goods; it’s the essence of Warehouse Management.
It may sound simple, but these are complex challenges.

The system of IT Partner is in line with the essence of Warehouse Management. It’s a intelligent system that simplifies and speeds up complex processes. With one push of the button flows of goods are supervised and handled. The system can be easily integrated with external software systems of Freight Forwarders and Shipping Agents.

IT Partner. Connecting your business.

We are specialized in developing software for the shipping and logistics industry. For over 20 years we have been delivering state of the art products, supporting our customers worldwide. Our main developers and product owners all have a background in Logistics. Before joining our team they used to work in terminals or ports. We know Logistics at first hand.
  • Flexible organization, short lines of communication
  • Worldwide coverage, 24/7 support
  • Able to develop, implement and give training remote

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If moving cargo is your world, we will help you run it.
IT Partner. Connecting your business.

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